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In stock

ROMOSS CB22c 2in1 RoLink Hybrid Charging Cable Fast Charging Data Sync for iPhone iPad Samsung Phone


In stock

)   Unprecedented design, lightning 8pin and Micro USB are fused together, one cable for two different devices.

2)   One side for lightning 8pin, one side for Micro USB.

3)   Chrome alloy shell, sturdy and durable.

4)   Integrally formed USB plug, unique design, and fashion appearance.

5)   Rhombic TPE cable, soft, durable, not winding.

6)   Using pure copper wire, provide 2.1A fast charging.

7)   Aluminum Housing, Stainless steel connector heads slot in easily and securely fit most cases. Heat and corrosion resistant connectors ensures complete safety and reliability.

8)   Made of high quality and durable material ensures 4000 bend lifespan which several times longer than standard cables

9)   Support all type of fast charging

1)   Brand: ROMOSS

2)   Type: Rolink hybrid 8pin and Micro USB Cable

3)   Output: 2.1A max

4)   Length: 1m

5)   Material: Chrome alloy TPE

6)   Color: Grey

7)   Compatible: Lightning 8pin and Micro USB devices. (Do not compatible for iPad Pro.)

Buy viagra us pharmacy, Can i buy viagra from chemists

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Buy viagra us pharmacy, Can i buy viagra from chemists

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