PIR Motion Sensor

Golden Security wireless pir Motion Sensor 

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  • Golden Security. This WMS08 has a well compatibility with products of Golden Security and can be controlled by the host or its app and remote controllers.
  • 7/24 Hours Protection. Use this motion sensor to protect your house, once there’s an break in, it will go off and the main panel will make alarm sound to alert you. Also, it’s pet immune for pets under 8kg, which avoids some false alarms.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity. You can jumper the code to set the sensitivity. The default setting is high. If you set a low sensitivity, the detect distance will be shortened accordingly.
  • Technical information. 433 Mhz, 866 Mhz and 2.4GHZ for option.
  • Note. It has been insulated when bale the item. After receive the item, please remove the insulation paper by the side of the battery before use
  • Installation(mainly for G90B)
    1) Take off the back cover of the motion sensor and lay it on the floor with the back side upward.(in case of signal interruption, because it’s easy to be triggered by other motion sensors)
    2) Find the main menu in the panel, then click “learning”–“learning sensor”–“pir motion”–“WMS08 Wireless PIR Sensor”, then choose the defense line, press “OK”, and you’ll hear “start learning, please trigger the detector”
    3) Raise up the motion sensor trigger it, then the panel speaks out “learning success”
    If your panel is other model, please refer to the instruction or connect us.Features:
    (1) Automatic temperature compensation about 12m detection range ,Sensor installs with screw on any surface: door, post, garage and so on.
    (2) Advance optical and digital logic technology superior anti light and immunity to electromagnetic.
    (3) Alerts you when the motion goes off around your garage, home or office.
    (4) Supervised sensor monitors the sensors automatically.
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Battery: 9V 6F22 battery
Power Requirements:7mA~8mA (While sending)
Power Requirements:45uA(While monitor)
Operating Freqency:433±0.2Mhz
The largest coverage:12×12m
Visual Angle:110℃

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