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Free viagra samples before buying uk, Viagra price in lucknow

EZVIZ S1 Sports Camera Camcorders Sports Camera 1080 Pixels 


Ezviz S1 Sports Camera HD 1080p (Black)


  • S1 Sports Camera is the ultimate life-capture solution for those who demand the best.
  • S1 Sports Camera can control by apps – Ezviz Sports and available in Google play store and Apple store.



  • Compact size and multiple colors
  • 1480mAh battery for super long standby time 64GB micro SD card storage
  • Standard 1/4 inch HDMI interface for different types of camera brackets
  • HDMI Interface ( for TV display connection)
  • High-speed motion recording@480P,240fps
  • 16MP DSLR level image sensor with up to 30pic/s burst capture
  • Time lapse capture (see the world with a different view)
Dimensions (mm) 45mm*58mm*22mmm
Weight 70g
Color Grey; Red; Blue; Golden; White
Sensor 1/2.33” Progressive Scan CMOS
Lens 3mm@ F2.8 large aperture; Angle of view:152°
Video Standard NTSC/PAL
Video Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1080p NTSC  60 fps,30 fps
720p NTSC  120 fps,60 fps
WVGA NTSC  240 fps
Format H.264, mp4
Recording Mode Loop mode and Normal mode;
press shutter to stop recording and save video
Photo Resolution 16MP(by default)
Multiple Capture Mode Photo resolution Max. resolution:  16MP;
FOV: 152 degree diagonal, 120 degree horizontal
Burst Mode Take a certain numbers of pictures in a defined time. E.g. 30 pictures capture per second;
Burst Capturing Rate 30 pictures 1 second

30 pictures 2 seconds

10 pictures 2 seconds

10pictures 1 second

5 pictures 1 second(default)

Time-lapse Mode Take one picture every a certain defined time.

E.g. Take one picture every 2 seconds.

Time-lapse Interval 0.5,1,2,5,10,30,60 (seconds)
Image Quality/Lens Specification Full glass lens for high image quality
Ultra-wide angle of view with less distortion
Battery&Charging Battery Type Rechargeable li-ion battery
Battery Parameters 1480mAh, 3.7 V, 5.5 watt/hour
Battery Life 3 hours (Varies with different video mode)
Audio Format 48kHz (sampling), AAC compression

Advanced AGC (automatic gain control)

Build-in microphone

Single track

Ports Micro USB For charging when connect with power cable;

For playback/file transportation/charging when connecting with PC;

Micro HDMI For play on HDTV via HDMI cable
Micro SD Storage card
Storage Standard Class 10 or up to UHS-1 level Micro SD storage card
Capacity Maximum 64GB Micro SD(TF)card

Free viagra samples before buying uk, Viagra price in lucknow

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Free viagra samples before buying uk, Viagra price in lucknow

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