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The PSPRO-DC29A is an 18ch power distribution box for CCTV, HD security cameras, IP cameras, and other 12V DC alarm devices. This power distribution box is rated at 12V DC / 25 amp. Each channel is individually fused using 1.85 amp PTC auto reset fuses. The required input for this power supply is AC 110-120V. This power supply box can be used with the 18/2 conductor power wire in RG59 Siamese cable as well as pre-made CCTV cables. This device has a built-in cooling fan that turns on/off automatically according to the working temperature.


CCTV Power Distribution Box, 12V DC 25A Power Supply 18ch, PTC Fuse

Anyone buy viagra online, Female viagra on prescription

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Anyone buy viagra online, Female viagra on prescription

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