Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM

Car Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier (CZJHQ02RM): 


Efficient air cleaning inside the car

USB connector for charging gadgets

Detains PM2.5 fine particulate matter air injection rate 60m³ / h
Silent mode Two fans located at the ends of the device

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM

High fan power, highly efficient cleaning

3 minutes air in the car to change

Breathing accompanies every moment of our life, the quality of each breath directly affects our health, on every cell of the body.

The closed space of the car does not allow for air circulation and its renewal; the Xiaomi car air purifier is equipped with a filter cartridge that meets the highest quality standards; the discharge air intensity (CADR value) reaches 60 m³ / h, the size of a conventional car’s cabin equal to 3m³, it takes only 3 minutes to completely change the air in the car.

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM

Air circulation from the rear of the car forward

Allows you to completely clear the air in every corner of the car

In accordance with the design of the interior of the car, it is recommended to install the Xiaomi air purifier on the headrest of one of the seats in the back row, this allows the cleaned air from the back of the passenger compartment according to the direction of the air outlet to freely circulate throughout the cabin.

Along the roof of the car to move quickly and reach the front of the cabin, again along the doors and the floor spread from front to back across the cabin of the car, thereby passing a circle through the cabin.

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM

Design with two fans

Cleans the air quickly and efficiently

Three-sided air circulation, an increased area of ​​air outlets, the air inside the vehicle makes a full turn, and the cleaning efficiency is improved.

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM

The special design with two fans located at the opposite ends of the device makes it possible to comprehensively optimize the direction of air movement, the cleaned air moves freely around the cabin. During operation in increased power mode, ventilation intensity and wind speed remain stable.

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM


Centrifugal turbofan Dust sensor
Using a completely new design of two fans with a total number of centrifugal equal to 74 installed on opposite ends of the device, which are custom-made, and the special design of air ducts with an optimized Archimedes spiral curve, it is possible to simultaneously increase the aeration intensity while maintaining a stable pressure and wind speed. The high-quality American dust sensor from Amphenol allows real-time monitoring of changes in the amount of PM2.5 in the passenger compartment, and also has the ability to intelligently adjust power during air purification.
High Performance Brushless DC Motor High Efficiency Filter Cartridge
Ideal modern efficient type of electric motor, the most important parts of which are the Japanese NSK ball bearing, the Belgian fan controller from the company MELEXIS, has a monolithic molding, high reliability, the ability to control power in the absence of a switching spark. The operating mode varies from several tens to several thousand revolutions per minute. One high-performance built-in strainer class H11 from Japan from Toray has the appearance of a cylindrical filtering sleeve, air supply from three sides ensures the passage of a sufficient amount of air simultaneously, effectively trapping solid particles that are in the air.

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM

High quality filter cartridge

All-round purification can improve air quality.

The ability to clean the air is determined by the quality of the filter cartridge, the use of the Japanese Toray screen filter, which in the first stage of cleaning delays the hair and ultimately effectively filters PM2.5, pollen and other invisible solid fine particles, comprehensive protection is achieved through double air cleaning . The design with one cylindrical filter cartridge provides an increased effective area of ​​contact between the filter element and polluted air, and an increased effective cleaning capacity.

Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier CZJHQ02RM


Silent protection, silence and purity can be combined

In silent mode, the noise level is not more than 42 dB / A.

This means that while the car is moving, it seems that it does not exist.

The advantage of two centrifugal fans is that even in silent mode, the CADR reaches 30m³ / h.

High-performance brushless DC motor, rated power 6.5 W, in silent mode only 3.5 watts.


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Key Features
Rated power (w)
Weight (g)
the black
Screen presence
Fan speed / evaporation rate adjustment
there is
on the rear headrest
Car adapter
there is
General characteristics
filter pollution
for auto
Serviced area (sq.m.)
there is
Cleaning and filtering
pre-cleaning HEPA filter
Air Purification Performance (CADR)
60 cubic meters / h
HEPA filter class
Air purity control
there is
Battery and Power
Power supply
electronic, from a smartphone through the Xiaomi Smart Home application
Additional Information
two fans, USB connector for charging gadgets

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